Karwa Chauth 2017,Wishes:Festivals of India 2017

Karwa Chauth 2017,Wishes is most important festival for all married women. It is a one day long festival celebrate every year by the Hindu women especially in the North India. A woman gets fast for whole day which starts from the sunrise in the early morning. And ends at moonrise in the late evening or sometimes late night. She keeps a very hard fast for whole day without water and food for the safety and long life of their husbands.

Karwa Chauth 2017,Wishes:Festivals of India 2017

Looking for when is Karwa Chauth 2017 (करवा चौथ) ?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Karwa Chauth 2017(करवा चौथ) will be observed on Sunday, 8th October.

As per Hindu calendar,Karwa Chauth 2017 (करवा चौथ) is celebrate on the fourth day of waning moon in Kartik month.

Karwa Chauth (करवा चौथ) is celebrate by the married women of North India. It usually falls nine days before Diwali. The festival marks an tremendous fast observed by married women for long life, well being and prosperity of their husband. The women strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down for the fast and refrain from food and water for one complete day. The occation also provides an opportunity for socializing with family, relatives, friends and in-laws. Karwa Chauth (करवा चौथ)Wishes is symbolic of indefatigable loyalty of a wife towards her husband.

Karwa Chauth (करवा चौथ) is usually observe in the month of October or November. However,Karwa Chauth 2017 (करवा चौथ)  will be mark on Sunday, 8th October. Karwa Chauth (करवा चौथ) is a Hindu festival celebration by married women. The celebrations follow a number of rituals traditions.One such important ritual is applying henna (mehndi) on hands. Few ladies follow a strict fast where they do not eat or drink anything. Not even a single drop of water. It is said that successful completion of this fast ensures long life and prosperous future for her husband.

Karwa Chauth 2017

Karva Chauth would be celebration by the women all over the India as well as abroad in 2017 on 8th of October, at Sunday.

Karwa Chauth 2017 Pooja Muhurat

Karva Chauth Muhurat is the exact duration of time within which pooja can be perform. The whole duration for Karva Chauth Pooja on 8th of October is 1 hour and 14 mins.

  • The timing of Karwa Chauth puja would start at 5.54 PM.
  • The timing of Karwa Chauth puja would end at: 7:09 PM.


The timing of moon rise on the day of Karwa Chauth will be at: 8:11 PM. The timing of the moon rise on the day of Karwa Chauth is of great importance for all women getting fast for whole day (even without water) for the long life of their husband. They can drink water only after seeing the rising full moon. Without seeing a moon, it is consider that the fast is incomplete and no women can drink water or eat anything. Karva Chauth fast is consider as complete only when a woman sees a rising full moon with chalani having lighting ghee diya, gives Arghya to moon. And drinks water by the hand of her husband and Wishes .


Karva Chauth festival is very happily celebrated every year by the women by keeping whole day fast in the Krishna Paksha at Chaturthi in the month of Kartik. This is being celebrate in almost all the states of India on the same date. This falls every year in the month of October or November on the fourth day of the full moon means Purnima according to the Hindu calendar.

It is a great ritual of keep fasting on the day of Karwa Chauth(Wishes) during which a married woman keeps fast for whole day and do puja of Lord Ganesha for the wellness and long life of her husband. Especially, it is the festival of married women however in some Indian regions; it is a tradition of keeping fast by the unmarried women too for their future husband. At this day a married women keeps whole day fast, worship Lord Shiva and His family in the evening and break her fast in the late evening or night only after seeing the rising moon. Karwa Chauth fasting is very hard and there is a strict discipline that no women should take any food or water from the sunrise till moonrise in the night.

It is also call as the Karak Chaturthi (Karwa or Karak means an earthen pot using which a woman gives Arghya to the moon). There is also a tradition of giving some Dan and Dakshina to the Brahmin or other married woman. It is highly popular in the North Indian states than other regions of the country. There is another fasting festival for the son named as Ahoi Ashtami Vrat which falls just after four days of the Karwa Chauth.


The meaning of the Karwa Chauth is fasting and giving Argya to the moon using karva (an earthen pot) on the Chaturthi of the Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Karwa Chauth falls every year on the fourth day of the dark fortnight. The celebration of the Karwa Chauth festival by the women in the north-western part of Indian subcontinent is still unclear however there are some reasons exist of celebrating with Wishes.

It is consider that women prays to God for their husbands wellness and long life when they are out of home at their duty or other hard campaigns like Indian soldiers, policemen, military and so many. Indian soldiers perform very hard duty out of their home for the safety of whole country at the border. They have to perform their duty in the dried area, cross numerous rivers, bear monsoon season and so many challenges. So, their wives pray to God for the safety, longevity and wellness of their husbands.


Now a day, in the North Indian society the culture and tradition of the Karva Chauth has been change and start celebrating as a romantic festival. It has become a festival of symbolizing the love and affection between the couple. It is getting celebrate in the Bollywood style everywhere by getting inspire through the movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Khabhi Khushi Khabhi Gam, etc.

At the Karva Chauth(Karwa Chauth 2017), everyone like children and husband including especially fasting woman gets well dress in new clothes and celebrate together. It has become the famous family observance and everybody enjoy till moonrise. Some couples with their children go outside in the restaurant and hotels to have delicious dinner instead of eating. At home after the moonrise ceremony in order to get change something in their daily routine of busy life. Husbands are expect a lot to take of their fasting wives for whole day.

It is being criticize by someone however some people have call this as a occation of empowering the women. Because at Karva Chauth woman generally quit their housework completely for the whole day and live life away from the daily hectic life. They feel relief and get gifts from their husbands which make them happy emotionally, physically and intellectually. It is consider that household works and all family member’s responsibilities are the greatest barrier to the woman empowerment. However, the concept of fasting is highly opposes by the Sikh doctrine as they think that fasting has no any spiritual or religious benefits. It can only be kept for the health reasons.


There are many legends, traditional tales and stories associate behind celebrating the Karwa Chauth every year by the women. Some of are mention below:

  • Once, there was a beautiful princess name Veervati. She was the one and only loving sister of her seven brothers. She got married and living at her parents home during her first Karwa Chauth fast. Women had start her fast from the early morning sunrise.
  • As it was her first Karwa Chauth fast, such distressful condition of her was unbearable by her brothers as they love her too much. They tried lots of ways to convince her to eat and drink food without seeing moon however she denied. Then they had create a false resemblance of the rising moon by having a mirror on the top of the Pipal tree and told her sister that moon had risen.


  • She was very honest and follow her brothers. By mistake she saw the false moon, gave Arghya and broke her fast. Soon after she broke her fast, she got message of death of her husband. women start sobbing loudly. Then told by her sister-in-laws that she has broke her fast by seeing false moon as your brothers were very distress of seeing your condition of hungry and thirsty.
  • Women got her heart broken and wept too much, soon Goddess Shakti appear in front of her and ask her why you are crying. She had explained whole process and then instructed by the Goddess that she should repeat her Karva Chauth fast with her complete devotion. Soon after her fast completion, Yamaraj was forced to give the life of her husband back to him.


  • Some where it is believe that the brothers of the queen Veervati were build a huge fire just behind the mountain instead of creating a false moon by keeping a mirror on the top of Pipal tree. They indoctrinated their sister by anyways about the glowing false moon (a huge fire behind mountain).
  • Women then breaks her fast by seeing false moon of huge fire and got message that she had lost her husband. She run towards her husband’s house however in the mid way, Shiva-Parvati appeared to her and told all the trickery of her brothers. women was then instruct by the Goddess to complete her fast again very carefully. She did so and got her husband back.
  • Another story behind celebrating this festival is the history of Satyavan and Savitri. Once, Yama reached to Satyavan to get his life forever. When Savitri know about that, she begged Yama for granting the life of her husband but Yama refused. She start following the way of Yama without eating food and drinking water in order to get back the life of her dead husband. She was ask by the Yama to beg another boon instead her husband.


  • Once there was a woman with name Karva, who was highly devote to her husband which was the reason of providing her great spiritual power. Once, the husband of Karva was bathing in the river and then suddenly caught by a crocodile. She used a cotton yarn to bind the crocodile and said to Yama to hell the crocodile. Yama refuse to do so however he was force to do so as he was threatened to get curse by a Pati-vrata nari, Karva. After doing so, Yama blessed her with the long life of her husband.
  • Legend of Mahabharata is another story behind celebrating this Karwa Chauth festival. A long ago, during the Mahabharata time, Pandavas including Draupadi had faced many problems in the absence of Arjun as he went away from them for penance to the Nilgiris. Draupadi pray to God Lord Krishna to get some help then she was remind by the God. About one of the earlier occasions of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. She too was advise to complete the fast of Karva Chauth(Karwa Chauth 2017) in the same way.


Women starts preparing their pooja thalis for the moon rise ceremony. Pooja thali contains ghee diya, rice grains, water filled pot, match box, sweets, a glass of water and a chalani. Once moon rises in the sky, women come out of their homes to see the moon. First of all they perform Arghya to the moon, through rice grains towards moon and see moon from chalani by having ghee diya under it.

They pray to the moon for the prosperity, safety and long life of their husbands. After completing the moon ceremony, they touches the feet of their husbands, mother-in-laws and other elders of the family to get blessings for being “Sada Suhagan” and happiful life. Somewhere there is a ritual of seeing only moon consideration from the thali having water instead of directly seeing the moon. After touching feet, husbands let them eat some sweets and drink water from own hand to their wives.

Karwa Chauth Gifts

Lots of Karwa(Karwa Chauth 2017) Chauth gifts are given to the women who keep fast especially women at their first Karwa Chauth Vrat by their husbands, mother, mother-in-law and other family members, relatives and friends. It is consider. That Karwa Chauth is very tough fast as one has to spent whole day without water and food. It is the golden chance for every married woman to keep fast for their husband. And get some beautiful and expensive gifts like jeweleries, bangles, sarees, lehnga, frock suit, new clothes, and sweets adding other traditional gifts. Woman gets lot of love and affection including with the memorable gifts. Which makes her happy as well as strengthen her relationship with husband Wishes.

Happpy Karwa Chauth Wishes in English for Husband

Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart. Make your better half feel special with Karwa Chauth gifts.
Spark your married life this Karwa Chauth with exotic flowers, gifts and pleasantries. Happy Karva Chauth!
I start living the day you came in my life so if your fasting for me then I just want to let you know that I want two live as long as you are there with me. Happy Karwa Chauth!

Happpy Karwa Chauth Wishes for Wife

May the two of you always stay together happily. Wishing you very happy Karva Chauth!
The moon is shining brightly. The festival mood is all around but you are so far away. Sweetheart, I miss you much on this Karva Chauth!
Sending you my heartiest Karva Chauth wishes just to let you know you are special for every beginning in my life!


  • पूरा दिन है आज हमारा उपवास , पति आये जल्दी यही है आस ,
    ना तोडना हमारी ये आस , क्योंकि आज है करवा चौथ , आज के दिन मत करना हमारा उपहास
  • दे जाये उम्र तुम्हे हज़ार -हज़ार साल , आये तो संग लाये खुशियां हज़ार ,
    हर साल हम मनाये ये त्यौहार ,भर दे हमारा दामन खुशियों के साथ , दे जाये उम्र तुम्हे हज़ार -हज़ार साल
  • मेहरबान है आज हम पर भगवान् , हमको दिया है प्यारे पति का वरदान ,
    यही है करवा चौथ की कामयाबी और हमारा दिल करता है वाह – वाही
  • करवा चौथ का पावन व्रत मैंने आपके लिए किया है क्योंकि आप ही के प्रेम और सम्मान ने मेरे जीवन को नया रंग दिया है।
  • आज सजी हूँ दुल्हन सी मैं , कब तूँ आएगा पिया , अपने हाथों से पानी पिलाकर , कब गले लगाएगा पिया तू

You are always with me and in my thoughts. Happy Karwa Chauth

Love laughter and Good Luck too.. May this Karwa Chauth be super special for you.

May the sight of full moon fill your heart with happiness. Wishing you a blessed Karwa Chauth.

May god bless you with Happy and Prosperous Long Life. HAPPY KARWA CHAUTH!!

Dear Honey, Sending you my warm wishes on Karwa Chauth.. for a long happy married life..

Hope this day makes the bond of our marriage stronger. Happy Karwa Chauth to My Sweet Loving Wife.