Wedding Dresses Full History and Different Types:

Wedding dresses are one type of clothing worn while a wedding ceremony. All of the Wedding dresses are uniquely identified by their design, style, and color. Mostly is depends on the religion of the person.

It was most popular after 1840, because of queen Victoria wore a white gown at their marriage in the 19th century. She was the first woman who wore the white gown in their marriage. At that time, white colored wedding dresses are most popular. After queen marriage end, Wedding dresses are too much popular. First, it was worn by the higher social classes of Britain. After some century, it was worn by all social class of Britain.

After that, officially wedding dress art photo was published and maintained. So, Wedding dresses became most popular as a marriage cloth. Here, the dress shows the person religion and fashion. It was worn to identify the couple uniquely in the marriage ceremony. It divided into subpart based on their culture, fashion etc. of a couple. Now, it has two type eastern and western culture/ society. Now, wedding dresses are world popular.

  • How it made out: –

It is made with some steps below. It made out separately for each wedding ceremony.

  1. At first, the designer gives basic shape of the dress. It has some types like Apple body, pear body, rectangle body etc.
  2. After that it considers the color depend on your wedding place and couple screen. This step doing first in a high social class of Britain.
  3. The designer chooses the material of fabric. It may be the choice of that couple like jersey, chiffon, silk, tulle etc.
  4. Sketch of the dress is made. It is done to know the dress will look like. The sketch will be drawn front and back side of the dress.
  5. Measuring the body of that couple and cut the plain cloth as per pattern of the dress.
  6. Wear it out for a wedding ceremony.


  • White wedding dress: –

It was originated in Britain so is popular in the United Kingdom. It most popular in victorian era because it was worn by victoria in their wedding. Now, it includes the whole western wedding routine, especially in the Christian religious tradition, which generally used in wedding ceremony and other.

But, as it popular it becomes available in various colors. So, that is not mandatory that wedding dress becomes always white color like pink, rose etc are also be used. Now, in eastern the traditional wedding color is red. While in western mostly of dress wore in white color.

  • Culture: –

Now, a wedding dress is too much popular. We also divided into categories. Like, Western culture, eastern culture etc.

  1. Western culture: –

Most of the western culture dresses are common to wearing bold colors and layer of silk, velvet and so on. White colored wedding dresses are a traditional dress of western culture. The first princess Philippa of England whose wore a white color gown in a royal wedding ceremony in 1406. She wore a tunic with a cloak in white silk bordered. Usually, wedding dresses are white, but they include shades such as ecru, eggshell etc. but, later people assumed that white is symbolizing virginity, while blue is purity, piety, faithfulness. Mostly here, a couple who has Christian region is wearing a white colored dress in a wedding ceremony. Other are wear wedding dress depends on their regions.

Now, 80 percent of the market is full of strapless dresses / sleeveless wedding dresses. Some Dress required less skill from the designers and are easier to fit with a body. However, the sleeved wedding gowns are most popular now.


  1. Eastern culture: –

Red colored wedding dresses are the traditional dress in eastern culture. Here, every region has some unique style but most of the wedding dress are red colored. In Taiwanese wedding, wedding dresses are mostly red or white. But most wear a red traditional garment for wedding banquets. Red is the traditional color of auspiciousness and good luck. In a modern wedding, many women choose other colors, and also they do not wear a traditional costume for their official tea ceremony.

In modern Taiwanese weddings, the bridge mostly chooses red and white silk as a material of wedding gown. Wedding banquets represent a gesture of “thanks” and appreciation. While in Indian culture, traditional garment choice is red wedding saris. Sari fabric is made with traditional silk. This traditional silk is very popular in world Because of their quality. But, now fabric choices and color choices are expanded. Now, they use crepe fabric, georgette fabric, and satin fabric at the place of traditional fabric. Color are also expanded now, they use yellow, brown, pink, orange, maroon, gold as a wedding dress or gown.

Indian brides in western culture often wear the sari but afterward, they wear lehenga, choli, Kurtis etc. Japanese wear their traditional pure white kimono for a wedding ceremony. That represents purity and maidenhood. Now, they change into a red color. An Indonesian-Japanese people wear a Kebaya for a wedding ceremony. In the Philippines, they wear a different type of wedding dresses. They symbolize that various tribes of Filipinos give other forms of traditional dress during their respective ceremonies.


  • Native American culture: –

In indigenous people of Americas wear varying traditions related to wedding dresses/gown. A pueblo bride wore a cotton garment for their wedding ceremony. A cotton garment tied above the right shoulder, secured with a belt around the waist. Wedding dress consisted two all-white wedding robes, a large belt above the shoulder, a string for tying the hair and a reed mat in which to wrap the outfit.

Delaware’s traditions, a bride wore a knee-length skirt of deerskin. They wear depends on the season. If that is the winter wedding, she wore deerskin leggings, moccasins, and robe of turkey feathers. The couple face had painted with white, red and yellow clay.

Wedding Dresses Full History and Different Types:

The tribes of Northern California wore a bridal dress as a traditional dress. That symbolize colors: white, blue, yellow, black in east, south, west, and north respectively. Turquoise, silver and golden Jewelry wore by the bride. As a belief that jewelry was considered as a shield against evils.

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