Editorial Policy

Welcome to the Dooiitt guest blogging team! We are thrilled to have you.

Our standards are high, but that’s likely why you’re interested in participating and we are happy to have you. We offer you a platform for your marketing voice. A place to publish your personal development relevant articles for yourself or on behalf of your clients.

Dooiitt’s blog is not only an up and coming blog resource for personal development, fitness training and corporate performance professionals, but it also is your go-to resource for in-depth self improvement articles, influencer interviews and independent health product reviews.

Here is some helpful information and important guidelines required for every article submitted to Dooiitt’s blog:

Original Work Required

We’re always on the lookout for unique, relevant well-written posts – please no posts that have already been published elsewhere.

Dooiitt strives to create original personal development related content for its community does not republish old content. You may repost a snippet of your Dooiitt post to a personal blog with a link back to the rest of the post on Dooitt 30 days after your blog post is published on Dooiitt.

Any post you submit for publication is subject to a Copyscape review to ensure it meets our requirements of having been previously unpublished.

Our Intended Audience

Our audience includes physical fitness and mental health professionals as well as those undertaking their own personal development journeys. They want to hear about the latest fitness techniques, self-improvement news and influencer interviews as well as tactics on how to make life strides.

Types of Content

  • How To Article
  • Round Up Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Product Reviews
  • Influencer Interviews

Formatting Requirements

  • Use short concise sentences.
  • 1000+ words preferably.
  • Use subheaders to break up your sections. Bolded subheaders and titles make it easier for our audience to read.
  • Proper grammar and spelling are a MUST.
  • You may include any number of links pointing to relevant supporting authority websites. You may however, only include one (1) link pointing back to your own or your client’s website within the article text. There will be NO AFFILIATE links allowed.
  • If possible, try to cross reference at least one Dooiitt blog per article to help our readers dig deeper.
  • We will provide a relevant stock image for the article featured image. Any images or graphics you provide within the article itself must be high-quality and at least 800px wide.

Suggested Headlines

Having a good headline is KEY as it really helps to sell your post to our audience and drive traffic.

Some ideas for headlines:

  • How to…
  • Why you should…
  • Lists (7 Tools, 6 Ways, 5 Tips, 4 Things, 3 Mistakes, 5 Benefits, etc.)
  • Convey a strong sense of urgency
  • Adjectives: New, Essential, Hot, Must-­‐Have, Great, Helpful, Simple, Easy, Free, etc.
  • Negative headlines seem to work so long as there’s a call to action.

For more headline tips, check out this article.

Engaging the Community

You will be notified prior to publication when your article will be published. Check the blog regularly throughout the day of publication and respond to comments. Tweet a link to your blog post on the Dooiitt blog.

Guest Post Topics We Cover

At Dooiitt, we’re interested in personal development related posts for the most part. We specialize in articles in the following niches:

  • Personal Development Guest Post Articles
  • Self Improvement Guest Post Articles
  • Mindfulness Guest Post Articles
  • General Health Guest Post Articles
  • Fitness Guest Post Articles
  • Food & Diet Guest Post Articles
  • Psychology Guest Post Articles
  • Success Guest Post Articles
  • Business Performance Guest Post Articles
  • Product Review Guest Post Articles

As you can see, we do accept articles across a very broad spectrum of niches. If you’re not sure whether or not your article is a fit for our platform, please feel free to reach out with a brief overview. Normally we’ll accept any relevant well written articles touching upon the above niches and popular sub-niches such as:

  • Keto & Related Diets
  • Alternative Health
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Fitness Travel
  • Yoga Training
  • And much more…

Please make sure to follow all directions and submit your articles as a Microsoft Word document or Google Doc link using the form on our Contact Page.